Horse games are games that use virtual horse and recreate the stables and race courses that make players embody jockeys and horse owners.

Horse games are slowly becoming more and more popular especially for people who love playing games and have a love for horse. There are even horse games for girls. Every game tends to capture a players mind, providing them with a different reality. Once you start playing, your body and mind will be transported to an actual field and you will feel like a jokey racing to make sure you win the ultimate prize. With time you will also start to learn more about horse racing.

In these virtual horse games, you can do so many things. There are horse jumping games, horse riding games and even horse dress up games. Some of the games have you posing as a stable owner or a race club member. The competition only gets more and more exciting when you start to think of all the prizes that are at the end of the game for you as the player. It is very captivating. Enjoy some time with these horses by training, owning and riding them.